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Paolo Nutini: The Baby’s Friend

27 January 2008

When Tanya was pregnant, she spent a lot of time next to the air conditioner in our apartment (think NY summer weather), listening to a stack of CDs. One of these was by Paolo Nutini, a fellow Scot, whose teenaged croonings seemed to strike a chord with her — at least he seemed to be on the CD player more often than not. Well, if you ever had doubts about a baby’s ability to hear while in the womb, shed them now. Our son James has a positive love for Paolo Nutini. When he is completely cranky and out of sorts, all he needs is to hear Paolo’s Paisley Patois, and he comes over all smiles and happy gurgling noises. O well, I’d have preferred Mozart, or maybe Purcell at a pinch, but I suppose it could have been a lot worse — I managed to lose Tanya’s collection of Robbie Williams albums just before she became pregnant 😉